Peardeck join

PearDeck doesn’t have a standalone app or website, so there’s no specific “how to PearDeck join” process. However, you can join a PearDeck session as a student in two ways:

1. Using the JoinPD website:

Go to [https www peardeck com join].
Enter the specific JoinPD code your teacher shares with you (usually 6 characters).
Click “Join”.
Wait for your teacher to start the session, and enjoy the interactive elements!


2. Using a direct link:

Sometimes, your teacher might provide a direct link to the PearDeck session instead of a code.
Click on the link provided by your teacher.
If required, log in using your school credentials (like Google Classroom or Canvas).
The session will open automatically, and you can participate fully.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

You don’t need a PearDeck account to join as a student, unless your teacher requires it for specific features.
You can use any device with a web browser (computer, tablet, phone) to join.
Be sure to follow your teacher’s instructions and participate actively!
I hope this clarifies how to join PearDeck sessions as a student. If you have any further questions or encounter issues, feel free to ask!