How to use Peardeck?

How to use Peardeck?

Pear Deck is a powerful tool for creating interactive presentations, but how you use it depends on your role: presenter or participant. Here’s a breakdown for both:

For Presenters:

1. Sign Up and Choose a Plan:

  • Head to and create a free account. Upgraded plans offer more features.
  • Pick your presentation platform: PowerPoint or Google Slides.

2. Build Your Presentation:

  • Create your slides as usual, adding text, images, and videos.
  • Click the Pear Deck add-on to insert interactive elements.

3. Choose Interactive Elements:

  • Multiple Choice: Ask quick questions and reveal results in real-time.
  • Open Ended: Encourage deeper thinking with prompts for text or drawing responses.
  • Matching: Assess understanding with drag-and-drop activities.
  • Draw: Spark creativity and gather visual responses.
  • More: Explore other features like polls, word clouds, and timers.

4. Present & Interact:

  • Share the JoinPD code with your audience (students, colleagues, etc.).
  • They’ll join via web or app and participate live.
  • See responses in real-time, discuss them, and adapt your presentation.

5. Analyze and Adapt:

  • Access detailed reports on individual and group responses.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses to refine your presentations and teaching approach.

For Participants:

1. Join the Presentation:

  • Get the JoinPD code from your presenter.
  • Visit or download the app (Android/iOS).
  • Enter the code to join the presentation.

2. Engage with Activities:

  • Participate in polls, quizzes, and open-ended prompts.
  • Share your thoughts and answer questions.
  • Collaborate with others using drawing tools and brainstorming features.

3. Access Materials:

  • View presentation slides and materials for reference.
  • Download them for offline access (note: interactive elements require internet).

Helpful Resources:


  • While Pear Deck is free to use with basic features, some advanced options require a paid subscription.
  • An internet connection is needed for live interaction and some features.
  • Explore the platform’s features and experiment to find what works best for your audience and presentation goals.

I hope this clarifies how to use Pear Deck!

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