How do students log into Pear Deck?

How do students log into Pear Deck?

Students don’t directly “log in” to Pear Deck. Instead, they join presentations using a unique JoinPD code shared by their teacher or presenter. Here’s how it works:

1. Get the JoinPD code:

  • The teacher will share the code verbally, display it on the board, or include it in their presentation materials.

2. Choose a method to join:

  • Web: Students can visit in their web browser on any device.
  • App: They can download the free Pear Deck app from the App Store or Google Play and join through the app.

3. Enter the code and join:

  • Once they have chosen their method, students simply enter the JoinPD code and tap “Join.”

4. Participate in the presentation:

  • Students will see the presentation slides and participate in interactive elements like polls, quizzes, open-ended prompts, and drawing activities.

Important notes:

  • No account required: Students don’t need to create any accounts to participate in Pear Deck presentations.
  • Anonymity (optional): Teachers can choose to allow students to participate anonymously, preventing names from being associated with their responses.
  • Respect and collaboration: Remind students to be respectful of others’ responses and participate collaboratively if activities encourage teamwork.

Additional tips:

  • Stable internet connection: Most interactive elements require a stable internet connection.
  • Download materials (optional): If allowed, students can download the presentation slides for offline access to notes and prompts.
  • Ask for help: If students encounter any issues, they can ask their teacher or the presenter for assistance.

Remember, Pear Deck aims to enhance the learning experience through interactive participation. Encourage students to actively engage, learn from each other, and ask questions!

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